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Ubuntu Beta users survey

With the recent release of Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) Beta 1 I wanted to ask the Ubuntu community to take a short survey about Beta releases. This survey is for users that use and do not use Beta versions. The survey and data will help define who uses Beta releases, why and why not, and what the Ubuntu community can do to improve the entire process.

The survey can be had here, and is embedded below.

If you wish to upgrade please see

Thank you in advance for all users who take the short survey and share it with friends. The survey will run for 2 weeks starting 09/11/2012 and ending on 09/26/2012 at which point the data will be reviewed and published shortly after. All results will be in the public domain.

Update – 09/28/2012
The Survey for 12.10 has officially ended and is no longer excepting new responses. The data will be analyzed and released to the public soon. Please subscribe via RSS and/or add me on Google + for updates. Thank you to all who participated.

  • david

    Took the survey, looking forward to the results. Thanks

  • falconensis

    I hate to be a grammar nazi but some of the spelling on the second part of your survey is incorrect. It should be “too complicated” and “I am,” not “to complicated” and “im” respectively. Other than that, good luck with the survey and interpretating the results. You are welcome to remove this post.

    • cantbebotheredloggingin

      Agreed, I was just about to say. Don’t know why someone thumbs-down’d your post either: are they illiterate or something? Weird :S

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  • Michael Hazell

    I didn’t know that Google Docs can be used as a survey, but will done! I am looking forward to the results, as I too wonder what other people are thinking. Only thing different is that I don’t have to write a report :)

  • CSRedRat

    P.S. From Russia.