You may be Interested in physical security and want to bypass locked doors like I was? Maybe you have some experience with picking locks but cant get past a high security lock for a room you have to get into? Want to test your physical security setup at home or on the job? I’ve got an interesting tool for you then.


While in Raleigh NC at CarolinaCon I came across an fun and easy to use bypass tool sold by Rift Recon called the Under the door tool. For short UTDT. This tool works by sliding under a locked door and attaching itself to the inside door handle. Once attached you pull the braided wire on the tool and the tool itself downwards sliding it back under the door pulling the door handle down and opening the door from the inside.

A few things need to be in place for this tool to be successful.

  1.  A gap under the door. It doesn’t have to be large, but big enough to slide the tool under.
  2.  A door handle, not a knob.
  3. The door to be setup to be open from the inside.

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You have a few things playing in your favor however that makes this tool highly successful. Building code/regulations and the ADA (Americans with disabilities act). This law regulates door hardware along with many other things.

“New specs and laws are being incorporated into building codes by local, state and federal governments to allow all people to more easily gain access and navigate buildings in a safe manner. People using wheel chairs, scooters, walkers, or those with a limited mobility issue (such as stroke victims) benefit when you build with their needs in mind. —- To be ADA compliant, an interior door can NOT have an opening force of more than 5 pounds. To guarantee an interior door with a closer can maintain 5 pounds or less opening force … “

Door knobs are not within the regulations. And requiring that doors be easier to open (less than five pounds of pressure) makes it easier for me to open it with the UTDT from outside the room.

I tested this tool on 4 locations. My university, two small business’s and one hotel. I could open almost any door at the university and the hotel. The small business’s were a little more hit and miss as their door hardware wasn’t as consistent but still preformed really well.

The tool costs around 50 USD before shipping.

If your interested in seeing how this tool works I made this short video demonstrating it. It’s my first video so please bare with the editing/video/audio quality.



To learn more about this tool, purchase it or see more products and services offered by Rift Recon please visit:

What do you think? Do you have one of these already, considering buying one? What is your organization doing to mitigate this attack? Let us know below.



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Thanks Tony for the comment, picked and shipped.