Like myself you may get tired of looking at the default Kali linux theme. This article will walk you through installing a custom theme to brighten (or darken) things up a bit. It’s super simple and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

We will:

1. Install Gnome Tweak Tool
2. Locate your desired theme on Gnome Look
3. Download the theme and copy it into /usr/share/themes
4. Activate it in Gnome Tweak Tool


To install Gnome Tweak Tool simply run the following from Terminal.


Note: If your kali installation cant find the following package (you would get an error stating “unable to locate package”) you most likely need to update/fix your sources.list.  Here is the official docs on how to fix this. 

After the Gnome Tweak Tool is installed, you can open it from the Application menu, or from terminal. It’s located in the GUI menu at   Applications > System Tools > Preferences > Advanced Settings


You can also open the Gnome Tweak Tool (hereby referenced to as GTT) from terminal by simply running


As you can see, here within the GTT you can change the theme settings.

Now you can surf around the Gnome Look website  and locate a GTK3 theme you are interested in using. For this article I am going to use Mediterranean Night found here:   . The downloaded file is a tar file, so we will need to first change directories to the download location. Assuming your logged in as root and downloaded the file with your browser It should be in /root/Downloads


Note: CD is for changing directories. I changed into the /root/Downloads directory because that’s where I downloaded my theme to. Yours could be different.

Then, since this file is compressed we need to decompress it with tar by running

-x for eXtract     -v for Verbose      -f for File
The name of my theme is MediterraneanNight, again yours could be different if you are using a different theme.


Once the files for the theme are decompressed and extracted you can copy them into the /usr/share/themes directory. You can do this with the file manager GUI, or via the command line.


mv – move (rename) file.
rm – remove directories or files.

Once the new theme files are located in /usr/share/themes/ directory you can enable them via the GTT.


After a little trial and error and a new background image here is what I came up with