Buying Christmas gifts can be a nightmare. First, you have to deal with the whole  “I don’t want to buy them a gift, but I’m obligated to.” Secondly, you may have to experience the “They are buying for me, so I have to buy something for them” phenomenon. Lastly, the dreaded question of “What do you want for Christmas”. You know what you really want but telling someone your desires is not always easy.

As if that wasn’t enough, lucky you have the challenge of buying for the most dreaded gift recipient ever … the computer guy.

To attempt to assist you with that challenge, I have put together a list of 11 items you COULD have bought your hacker loved one… but didn’t.


1. A USBdriveby

It’s a super cool project that uses a Teensy micro-controller that can preform HID attacks that will have your loved hacker drooling at the mouth. It doesn’t cost much, but they would really appreciate and love this gift. Don’t know what a HID attack or micro-controller is? Don’t worry, you didn’t buy it anyways.
Cost: Around $28 USD.  

2. Under The Door Tool by Rift Recon

Maybe you have a loved one into physical security. He’s always playing with locks, something about a disk tumbler. This may of been the perfect gift then. The UTDT goes underneath a door and pulls open a door handle from the inside. The UTDT would have been an awesome gift for your infosec family member. Emphasis on the would have been.
Cost: around $60 USD
         Second Edition is now out for 49.95

3. Inspire 1

The newest DGI drone out sporting its own 3-axis gimbal stabilized 4K camera and GPS free stabilization. This is a higher end gift, but one your hacker will never forget.
Cost: around $3,000 USD

4. Sapphire TRI-X OC 100361-2SR Radeon R9 290X GPU

Does your family member or significant other talk about crypto currency? Or Hash? Capable of around 1002 kH/s anyone interested in password cracking or mining would be happy to have this GPU.
Cost: around $400.00 USD
Article that may interest you:

5. The Art of Memory Forensics

It’s a book, yes. But your family member will love it. They will especially love it if they are into forensics and memory analysis. Written by Michael Ligh and Andrew Case a core developer of Volatility.
Cost: Around $65 USD


6. Shmoocon Ticket

If you didn’t buy these when they went up for sale, they are now long gone. You could possibly pick one up from someone who bought one and doesn’t use it depending on how much time and effort you put into it.
Cost: around $150 USD.


7. USB rubber ducky delux kit

Cost: Around $40 USD.


8. Rubber Handle 14-Piece Government Steel Pick Set

GS-14-5 SET
Cost: around $190 USD.


9. Brutalis by Sagitta Systems

This beast sports eight Radeon r9 290x gpus that comes preloaded with Hashstack, Hashcat and JTR. If your hacker likes to crack hashes or mine cryptocurrency then this would be the holly grail.
Cost: around $19,000 USD


10. Wifi Pineapple Mark V

It’s a rogue access point capable of spoofing DNS, splitting and stripping SSL, redirecting traffic to a captive portal harvester and a ton of other interesting features. Why didn’t you buy this?

Cost: Around $100 USD


11. Pwn Plug by Pwine express.

My recommendations for a birthday/anniversary or a Christmas gift for next year?

With less than 24 hours left till Christmas day (2014), you’re out of time. While you may have missed the opportunity this holiday season you could still pick one of these up for a birthday present.

1. Don’t buy a gift card to Walmart or BestBuy. Don’t purchase a copy of Hackers or Sneakers or Wargames, we already own them.

2. If you buy something off this list, you may want to make sure the gift recipient doesn’t already own it.

3. Ask someone close to the gift recipient what they want and if they would like the gift you picked out.

Still stuck? Want more ideas?

Maybe a mechanical keyboard

Stocking Stuffer, try some cool badges 

A nice Defcon tshirt


Books, more books please:

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition
The Hacker Playbook 2:


Have other ideas? I’d love to hear your comments.