Just interesting or comical items I found around the web over the week while looking up .. stuff.

Evidently Bruce Schneier likes Squids, he does a weekly blog post that is squid related asking that commenters mention or discuss other news he may be interested in. In the past he has covered squid t-shirts, drawings, and this week squid utensils labeled the ‘sea-life dining set’ by Perry Gargano.


dining set.jpg



 IDA PRO is expensive for those not buying 240 dollar utensils

@infosecBRK posted a noble call to action to help a patreon effort to raise some funds for @da_667 (Tony) who needs a copy of ida pro, which is expensive. The funds have been meet, additional donations are still being accepted.

I personally contacted hex rays to ask if they would help support the cause  … and they declined.

ida email

You can see Tony’s talk from Shmoocon this year here, the audio is a little rough. I could of swore a better version was online with the IA, I sent them a message.
https://archive.org/fire_talks    — doesnt work ?
https://archive.org/details/shmoocon-2015-videos-playlist    — works, but no firetalks

SET 6.2 ‘Recharge’ is coming

Checking out the readme here which was just updated 15 minutes ago.


@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ version 6.2
* added the java applet to now smart detect if powershell is installed, if it is then it will not download an executable which could be used on detection capabilities. Powershell is plenty stable and should not require any deviations for a binary to be downloaded.
* added ability to check if certain paths are legitimate, if they are will deploy payloads via java applet
* full msfvenom support and conversion off msfpayload msfencode
+* removed old call for impacket tds compatibility



And ErrataRob (Robert Graham) put out an awesome blog post regarding the whole Lenovo superfish stuff.


Have a great weekend everyone! Hack on.