Buying Christmas gifts can be a nightmare, especially for the picky recipient. Better yet, try buying for the computer guy. Or even worse, try buying for the impossible: the security researcher, CISO, security analyst, forensic investigator, etc. To solve such a problem, you do what most people do: give cash. Here is a list of stuff you could have bought … but probably didn’t.

While it is too late to buy anything from the below list for Christmas gifts, since it’s January and all, you could look to this list for birthdays, Valentines day (Feb 14), or Mothers (May 8) and Fathers (June 19) day. Anywho, enjoy!

1. Salted Orange Wheat Beer Caramels

Listed in this years Food and Wine top candies from 2015, these caramels are delectable, divine …they are simply amazing. For the infosec’er who has a sweet tooth and a taste for beer, these sweet delicacy’s go great while banging out some python code, while using volatility to do some cool memory forensics, or while sitting on the couch watching the view. Even though you didn’t pick these up for Christmas, your are still in luck because they are in stock and ready to ship from Sunny Side Local.
Cost: Around $8 USD

2. Under The Door Tool by Rift Recon

If your loved one is always playing with locks then this may be the perfect gift. The UTDT goes underneath a door and pulls open the handle from the inside. See the video below for a demo.
Cost: Second Edition is now out for around 49.95



3. Inspire 1

The newest DGI drone out sporting its own 3-axis gimbal stabilized 4K camera and GPS free stabilization. This is a higher end gift, but one your hacker will never forget.
Cost: around $3,000 USD



4. Sapphire TRI-X OC 100361-2SR Radeon R9 290X GPU

Does your family member or significant other talk about crypto currency? Or Hash’s? Capable of around 1002 kH/s anyone interested in password cracking or mining would be happy to have this GPU.
Cost: around $400.00 USD
Article that may interest you:

5. The Art of Memory Forensics

I know I know. It’s a book! Yes, but your loved one will love and cherish it assuming they are security minded and do not already own it.  After reading you (or your loved one) should be able to explain and preform the best practices for Windows, Linux, and Mac memory forensics. Covering some difficult material in an easy to read and understand way, this book is a great buy. Written by Michael Ligh and Andrew Case a core developer of Volatility.
Cost: Around $65 USD


6. Shmoocon Ticket

If you didn’t buy these when they went up for sale, they are now long gone. You could possibly pick one up last minute from someone who is looking to dump one – but you usually pay a premium for such a transaction (see ebay).
Cost: around $150 USD.


7. USB rubber ducky deluxe kit

Cost: Around $40 USD.


8. Rubber Handle 14-Piece Government Steel Pick Set

GS-14-5 SET
Cost: around $190 USD.


9. Brutalis by Sagitta Systems

This beast sports eight Radeon r9 290x gpus that comes preloaded with Hashstack, Hashcat and JTR. If your hacker likes to crack hashes or mine cryptocurrency then this would be the holly grail.
Cost: around $19,000 USD


10. Wifi Pineapple Nano

Hak5’s 6th gen wireless network auditing tool. It’s a rogue access point capable of spoofing DNS, splitting and stripping SSL, redirecting traffic to a captive portal harvester and a ton of other interesting features. Why didn’t you buy this?

Cost: Around $160 USD

Want something that supports dual band (2.4/5.8 GHz) ? Hak5 has a second 6 generation product ready for purchasing called the Pinapple Tetra.


11. Pwn Plug by Pwine express.