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As you wake up this morning in dismay, some of us in shock – take a deep breath and remember that it’s common for political power to sway back and forth as the American people seek solutions to the problems they face. Leaders come into power by promising huge, transformative change – and often times that does occur, but rarely are those changes the catalyst that truly address the issues we so adamantly want to be resolved.  Instead, we ask for change in a repetitive, carpal tunnel inducing vote that leaves us in a state of temporary pleasure. Shortly thereafter we find ourselves hoodwinked .. and running back to those same ballot box’s seeking … change.


Let’s think back to Obama’s first election. I know for many of you that is a moment you don’t wish to recall for now it’s only Trump memories you wish to shroud yourselves in. Obama was largely seen as a change agent, and it’s this same message that Trump largely ran on. Trump echoed down the streets of America that he alone can fix our Country, that he would drain the swamp in Washington, and he best knew the system and how to ‘fix’ it. Many believe (and hope) that Trump will be the molotov cocktail to the political system in Washington. Simply put, I doubt that. Actually, let me be frank here: that’s ridiculous. I am certain Donald Trump will not destroy the Washington political system we know for reasons that will be evident by the end of this piece. I know it’s not fun to admit, but the political system that has created Washington, both the left and the right, is the same system that elected Trump during the primaries and ultimately the presidency. There is no change there, no passing of the baton really. Symbolically yes, but in a way that will actually benefit the American people? I highly doubt it. When Obama ran for election in 2008, the republican party warned of global disaster, gun confiscations, and a European health care system takeover that would leave us without medical care for ourselves and our loved ones. None of this occurred. The sky never fell in. Some would argue otherwise sure but trust me, birds are still flying. Before Obama, we received similar catastrophic warnings for Bush, also for Clinton, ad infinitum. Our political system has learned to fearmonger the American people into doubting and outright condemning our own neighbors, family, and representatives. I think the political parties realized that if they could point your dissatisfaction towards the opposing party, the opposing parties nominee, the opposing parties selection of justices … then you would be blind to the actual roadblocks that hinder American progress. For decades both the right and the left have stood before us, the voter, and promised transformational change. Every president for the last fifty years has promised that they would prevent the most recent economic downturn (crash) from re-occurring. No president has kept that promise. Not one. They promise to make America great again. To move American forward together, because yes we can. Presidents claim they have real plans for real people, that they will leave no child behind. Its easy to forget that Bill Clinton campaigned heavily on health care reform. He made huge, grandeur promises to fix health care: yet here we are. If you believe that Trump is going to destroy America, that Clinton was going to be a progressive liberal, or that Obama Care is to blame for the problems with our health care system then you are out of touch with what is occurring in our democracy – which is exactly where the republicans and democrats want you to be. The problems we face isn’t due to the left or the right – and those in power currently aren’t going to represent us who demand solutions. We have to realize that it’s not the party who’s at fault nor can fix it – it’s the economic system. Our problems have a root cause, and it’s the one thing that neither party or candidate will dare question: Capitalism. I know we have been conditioned to ostracize  anyone who questions free market capitalism – to label them a socialist and exclude them from normalcy. That is a mistake. It’s this mistake, our unwavering support of both political parties while simultaneously  being on a never ending search for change, our inability to question or criticize our current economic system that displaces many and protects our corporate elite, and our inability to organize as the working class to represent us, ourselves, and the issues we face instead of the party that dangles the carrot in front of our face that causes our disparities. Until we realize this – that the solutions to our problems can’t come from the same system that serves us those problems – we will be stuck. We will ask for change, over and over and over again. Never to receive it.

There should be a call to action here if my English classes had any relevancy in my writing. I dunno. Put down your campaign yard signs and political bumper stickers and pick up the hands of the oppressed, the poor, and those in need. We are stronger as a unified front … but I fear that this message is highly relevant yet politically undesirable.

Trump cant destroy Washington, because Trump is Washington. Trump (and Clinton) has used the American government to his benefit, and it has served him well. You don’t change the government by erasing the presidents name and writing a new one – nor by erasing the D by someone’s name and putting an R. If this was the case, then Obama would have ‘fixed’ it. Bush would have fixed it. Clinton would have fixed it. This is no longer a problem with party politics. We can’t blame Obama for our for-profit health care system, nor can we blame Trump for using the system to his advantage. But we also can’t be so naïve to think that Trump, a infotainment billionaire elected by the party that represents the system of which we despise .. will fix it. That’s stupidity. Many (but not all) of our issues are centered around the economic system of which we are enslaved to. But, in a lot of ways we must accept that the problem is not Trump, the problem is us, the American people. Me and you. This is why other countries observing our actions are in dismay. Not because our political elites win elections – but because we elect them.

We are asking capitalism to fix issues that it’s not designed to address, and arguably cant fix. That’s not Trumps fault, nor Obama’s. It’s our own.

There is, as unlikely as it seems, a positive aspect to this election. The neoliberal democrat, the clintonite if you will, has been dealt a deadly blow. This is not to be mistaken however as its utter demise. For the neoliberal stance to be totally separated from the democratic party – the party itself must shun neoliberalism and excommunicate its supporters from amongst them.  While this seems like a ray of light for those concerned with the future of our country – I have to point out the downside to this situation – Trump is the standard bearer for the neoliberal cause … and hes now the President elect.

Political pundits are asking, rightfully so, how long will Trump supporters be willing to wait before becoming dissatisfied with the administrations inaction.  After all, like every president before him, Trump made lots of promises of prosperity. I think the appropriate answer is:  4 – 8 years. The same amount of time that same constituency gave Clinton, Obama, Bush, etc. There are numerous discussions attempting to quantify Trumps success with  “the unheard voice.” Polling statisticians are saying, based off of early data, that a large turnout of white, uneducated Americans gave Trump this election. Those who have been ‘left behind’ or ‘unheard’. I’m willing to agree with this assumption to an extent, but I don’t believe you can limit the marginalized to white uneducated citizens. The major area of distinction however is what the solution is. As I noted before, we have been in this situation many, many times. Changing of the guard hasn’t solve the issue, but it can make things worse. I look forward to your comments below.

In solidarity my brothers and sisters.