Nathan Heafner

Nathan Heafner

Infosec, Linux, Communications


I’m Nathan, resident of Lincolnton North Carolina. Thank you for visiting my website. I like to program, play with security projects, draw, paint, and write.

As a short update that I feel is relevant here .. I’ve recently (Jan 2017) been diagnosed with a fairly serious autoimmune disorder. The name of the disease is Eosinophilic Esophagitis, or EOE. I’ve had numerous people who have attempted to contact me over approximately the past six months that I’ve failed to follow up with or have been unable to meet regular communication timelines. I apologize for any delayed replies or if I failed to contact you back. The complications of this disease has really taken a toll on my daily tasks. This illness has been permeated every aspect of my life and has made my finances rather difficult and peculiar. Thus, I am doubling down on a few efforts to attempt to help pay for treatment costs, prescription medications, and formula. The formula is my biggest necessity thus far, it replaces food for me since I have difficult and sometimes am totally unable to eat. It, as some of you may know, is very expensive. To solve this problem, I am continuing my interests in selling high end custom made kitchen cutlery as well as some of my paintings and drawings.


While attending Gaston College for an associates degree in information systems security I maintained a cumulative GPA of 4.0. I am currently working on my undergrad and hold multiple technology related certifications that makes me highly qualified for a diverse range of projects.

Physical Security

I am interested in assessing your business’s physical security. Skilled with lockpicking, rfid badge cloning, and social engineering I have a high success rate of bypassing your existing security measures and determining what can be done to fix them.


Social Media

Looking to grow your social media presence? Publishing quality content but not getting the results you would like to see? I have experience with managing social media efforts to help build brand awareness, social engagement, and product loyalty.

  • Linux 100%
  • Metasploit 80%
  • Photoshop 70%
  • Python 80%
  • Bash Scripting 80%
  • MailChimp 90%
  • Website Design 75%

Gaston College

Dallas North Carolina
Information Systems Security
Transcripts, references, portfolio available upon request

Lincolton NC

About This Website

I have a few goals with this website.

  1. To document things that I dabble in, particularly things I think others may find interesting or helpful
  2. To provide a safe environment for those interested in information security to learn
  3. To provide a central location for my contact details, updates, etc.